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Aquifer Transmissivity
Long Beach Regional-Scale Well Siting Study

Over half of the City of Long Beach’s water supply is produced from groundwater wells which deliver water to the Long Beach Groundwater Treatment Plant (GWTP). LBWD’s goal is to optimize local water supply sources and maintain well field capacity through well rehabilitation and installation of new wells. This requires locating a number of suitable well sites, an assessment of the hydrogeologic and engineering feasibility of those wells sites, and an evaluation of how the wells can be incorporated into LBWD’s collection system.

California Water Service Company Well 300-01

CWSC proposed installation of several new high-capacity production wells in its Dominguez District to optimize local supplies within the Central Basin and maximize local groundwater supply.  KGI assisted with permitting the well for construction and provided design, construction management, and inspection services.  Of particular concern was the potential for PFOS and PFOA within groundwater from surrounding industry.  Depth-specific samples collected from the open borehole indicated excellent water quality and no detectable PFOS and PFOA.  The well has been constructed and designed with a capacity of 2,000 gpm with a specific capacity of 50 gpm/foot.

South Montebello Irrigation District Well 8

KGI provided hydrogeological services during installation of a new well potable water supply well adjacent to the Rio Hondo Spreading Basins within the Montebello Forebay area of the Central Basin.  Project tasks included preliminary design, technical plans and specifications, comprehensive permitting, and construction management and inspection.  The well has been constructed and is anticipated to produce in excess of 3,000 gpm with an associated specific capacity of 73 gpm/foot.  Advanced knowledge of the presence of PFOA and PFOS within the groundwater has precipitated planning of a centralized treatment system.

Palmdale Water District Well Rehabilitation
and Replacement Prioritization Study

PWD is located within the southern central part of the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin, Los Angeles County, California and operates 22 active groundwater wells.  KGI prepared a planning document that will serve as a roadmap to maximize local water supply sources and reduce reliance on costly imported water.  This planning document will guide PWD in decision making for future well maintenance and well replacement projects designed to optimize and maintain production capacity.  

Suburban Water Systems Well Rehabilitation

Suburban Water Systems Plant 409 was in need of rehabilitation due to declining production.  Kyle Groundwater conducted a well assessment and developed program of mechanical and chemical cleaning to restore production.  The project was successfully completed on schedule and within budget despite significant project pressures that required close coordination with the well owner, multiple contractors, and regulators. 

Puente Basin Water Authority Well Siting Study

The Puente Basin Water Agency (PBWA) is seeking to develop a source of potable groundwater supply in the Whittier area of the Central Basin. A Well Siting Study was conducted Spring 2018 to evaluate areas favorable for installation of new production wells within the Central Basin, and within relative proximity to existing pipelines. Potential sites were identified within areas that did not fall within zones of exclusion and ranked based upon a scientific approach and weighted decision matrix.

City of Riverside Public Utilities Consulting

Kyle Groundwater provides as-needed hydrogeological consulting to the City of Riverside Public Utilities, a large municipal public water agency.  Recent projects include well condition assessments for two production wells, for which tailored diagnostics, as well as rehabilitation and redevelopment programs were recommended. Kyle Groundwater has also provided peer review during siting and design of a new high-capacity municipal water supply well.

Gage Canal Company

KGI performed a condition assessment of a privately owned water supply well that provides water to a group of public and private water purveyors.  This condition assessment was performed in response to excess sand production from the well that was causing fouling of an adjacent treatment plant. A customized program of redevelopment was developed with the goal of mitigating sand production without well modification.  KGI provided CMI services and ultimately, redevelopment was deemed a success, eliminating sand production and increasing the specific capacity of the well to values greater than when the well was originally constructed in 2007.

California Water Service Company On-Call

KYLE Groundwater provides on-call as-needed professional services to California Water Service Company (CWSC) to address a variety of task orders throughout the State.  Recent projects have included a regional evaluation of entrained air within the Los Altos Suburban (LAS) District wellfield in Santa Clara County, and preparation of a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) for a proposed replacement well in Sunnyvale, California.

City of Hemet Exploratory Drilling Program

The feasibility of a potential well site location within the City of Hemet was assessed through drilling of an exploratory borehole and installation of a nested monitoring well to evaluate depth-specific water quality.  The area is subject to many groundwater quality issues from thermal upwelling of groundwater through the area’s many faults, and impacts from agricultural activity within the valley. 

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